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Which Eyeglass Frames Are Right For You?

Selecting the right eyeglass frames that look best on our faces may be done by personally going to the optical shop and trying on one pair after another. There is an easier way, however. You can determine your own face shape and skin tone - two important factors in the selction of eyeglass frames - and read about what is most appropriate for them.

Let's consider the 7 basic face shapes and which eyeglass frames are most likely to fit them:

Oblong. These face shapes are characterized by lengths that are greater than widths. It often has a somewhat long nose and a long and straight cheek line. What we need to do here is to give the illusion of a slightly shorter face, and this is done by selecting eyeglass frames that have a top-to-bottom depth and those with contrasting temples to draw the eyes to the width of the face.

Oval. This is distinct from oblong because an oval face has more balanced proportions. Its length is still greater than its width, but the difference is not as prominent as that of an oblong face. This may be considered an ideal face shape because most types of eyeglass frames can look well on a person with this face type. Select walnut-shaped eyeglass frames that are neither too narrow or too deep.

Square. This type of face has a broad forehead, a prominent jaw line, and the same proportions for the length and the width. What we should do here is select eyeglass frames that would soften the harsh lines and add length to the face. Perfect eyeglass frames are those which have greater depth than the width, narrow ovals, and narrow frame shapes.

Round. This type of face is characterized by curves, has no sharp angles, with the length nearly the same as the width. The eyeglass frames to choose for this face shape should be those that have more width than depth such as eyeglass frames that are rectangular, a colorless or transparent bridge to give the illusion of wide-set eyes, and narrow and angular eyeglass frames to add length to the face.

Diamond. This face shape has dramatic and prominent cheekbones, with a narrowness at the chin line and the eye line. This face shape occurs in a few people and is quite easy to enhance. All you need to look for are eyeglass frames that would emphasize the brow line, such as those that have thick rims at the top and none at the bottom.

Base-Up Triangle. These pertain to faces which have a small bottom third of the face and a prominent top third. That is, wide at the forehead and gradually narrowing down to a pointy chin. De-emphasize this face contrast by wearing frames that have a distinctive width at their lower/bottom parts. Choose light colors for the frames, and avoid wearing sunglasses with tints that gradually fade downwards. Opt for rimless frames rather than those with rims.

Base-Down triangle. These face shapes are wide at the jawline and narrow above the eyeline. You need to choose a pair that will add width to the forehead area or the upper third area of your face. Cat-eye shapes work best as they project to the edges and add width.

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